syklopentaanin korkeapaineinen vaahtokone jääkaapille

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Equipment Summary:

The Cyclopentane High Pressure Foaming Machine
is mainly used for rigid foam, soft foam of the refrigerators, freezers, refrigerator, car refrigerator, water heater, solar water heater, sterilization tank, wood furniture, heat pipes, automotive interiors, Library Board, cabin, security doors, seats, sponges, toys, bathroom products, which are products of thermal insulation material filling.At present, our company foam machine models are HA-20,HA-40,HA-100,HA-200,HA-300type,
one machine gun, a machine gun, and so on.We can also based on user requirements and design specific host structure and supporting the infusion line equipment, library board laminating machine and other series.

Accessories: with accessories support capabilities and provide timely.

Component proportionAdjustable
Temperature of materialAdjustable
Output flow

Least/ Maximum (g/s)

Tank capacity

(liters per tank)

Power unit (KW)23


Jalostustyyppi: vaahtokoneet
Kunto: Uusi
Product Type:Plastic Cup
Alkuperämaa: Kiina (Manner)
Tuotenimi: EMM
Jännite: 220V
Power(W): 23KW
Certification: CE, UL
Takuu: 1 vuosi
Huoltopalvelut: Insinöörit, jotka ovat huoltokoneiden käytössä ulkomailla
Komponenttiosuus: Säädettävä
emperature of material::Adjustable
Output flow (Least):: 60(g/s)
Output flow (Maximum):: 650(g/s)
Tank capacity (liters per tank):: 300L
Delivery:: Prompt ship
Price:: Reasonable