pentaani korkeapaineinen vaahdotuskone

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Jalostustyyppi: vaahtokoneet, vaahtokoneet
Kunto: Uusi
Product Type: high pressure foaming machine, Polyurethane equipment
Alkuperämaa: Kiina (Manner)
Tuotenimi: EMM
Jännite: 220V
Power(W): about 38kw
Weight: about 3000kg
Sertifiointi: ISO9001-2000, ISO9001-2000
Takuu: yksi vuosi
Huoltopalvelut: Insinöörit, jotka ovat huoltokoneiden käytössä ulkomailla
väri: kerma

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pentaani korkeapaineinen vaahdotuskone
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pentane high pressure foaming machine are widely used in adiabatic layer of Refeigerator/solar/building materials sandwich board Foam fioride-frely,is really suitable in this trade,and satisfied the requirement for environment protection of the refrigerators markets.


1, main parts such as metering pump/mixing head/programmable controller/high pressure components pipe/gas transducer's head and the controlling channel card are all import items.

2, the metering pump and the motor are connected with magnetic shaft coupling, to prolong the pump's life and enhance the safety of the system

3, main protect method

installation isolation room and out wind device

installation gas monitor the warning system

Nitrogen protection

adopt the anti-blast electric apparatus

earthing the apparatus

defend revealing cntrolling

pouring nitrogen before mixing head \

pouring so as to exchange the air

remote monitoring system