elastomeerikaivukoneen tuottamaan auton ohjaajaa

Mix Head

1. Mixing by agitator for better mixing performance

2. New-designed pouring valve for precision dosing

3. Auto-cleaning function mix head

4. Color additive available

5. Individual equipped controller for mix head


1. High precision, low speed positive displacement gear pump

2. Variable output adjusted by VFD

3. Shaft seal with coupling and DOP

Komponenttien säilytys ja lämpötilan säätö

1. Jacketed tanks with visual level tube

2. Digital pressure gauge for control and visualization of pressure with max. alarm value

3. Electrical resistance heater for temperature conditioning

4. Low speed agitator for even temperature distribution

5. Chiller for option

Electrical control system

1. Fully controlled by SCM (Single Chip Microcomputer)

2. OP7 operator panel is simple that user can set machine parameter, status showing pouring time, temperature control and cleaning control etc.

3. Alarm function with acoustic warning


Jalostustyyppi: vaahtokoneet
Kunto: Uusi
Product Type: pu machine
Jännite: 380V
Power(W): 6-15KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 24x2.1x2.8
Weight: 1.6T
Certification: CE, TUV ISO, ISO, CE
Takuu: 1 vuosi
Huoltopalvelut: Insinöörit, jotka ovat huoltokoneiden käytössä ulkomailla
Name: 3 PE steel pipe anti-corrostion machine
Extruder: Single screw
Cooling: By water
Pre-heating: Middle frequency
Application: produce car steer wheels