monikerroksiset kuumapainelaminaattorikoneet, puunpuristimet vanerin valmistukseen

Monikerroksiset kuumapuristinlaminointikone

Multilayers hot press laminator machine/wood press for making plywood

Our Multilayer Laminating Hot Press Machine is used for laminate face veneer or melamine paper on plywood board or blockboard. If for laminate face veneer, only 2 pieces of cylinders can work. If laminate melamine paper, better use 4 or 6 pieces of cylinders, it can make the laminating more even. The hot platens are all stainless steel platen, it must equip with cushion pad if laminate melamine paper.

This hot press is equipped with a microcomputer control system for both manual and automatic control. With a simple push of a button you can control a whole set of processes including pressing plate ascending, closing, pressure adding, pressure maintaining, timing and pressing plate descending.


Normal Pressure
Size of Hot Platen
Oil Cylinder
Number of Layers
Space of Each Layer
70 mm
Total Power
Total Weight
Overall Dimension

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