pu vaahtopäällystyskone

pu vaahtopäällystyskone

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EMM series 3D Polyurethane Shaping Machine can correspond different application modes to pour miscible liquids into the flat work piece ,socket or all kinds of moulds, miscible liquids permeate chemical reaction to froth the obturating ring and agglutinate the work piece. Automation scene perfusion vesicant obturating ring is the successional course of production, didn’t have the palpable contact point or section and agglutinate with work piece directly, therefore under airproof ,lamp proof,dustproof,soundproof,insulating,circumstances it also has topgallant performance and conform with the security specifications authentication of UL/CE,shockproof test of MIL-STD-167or waterproof and dustproof test of EN50298.

The glalnd strip of the industrial jack box , lamps and lanterns,the interior and exterior trim in the car and the engine.

Viscosity (25℃):500-80,000mPas

Mulling ratio:from 15:1 to 1:1

Hardness:shores 7-75A

Maximum operating speed:35m/min

CNC- acceleration:5m/s²

Setting accuracy:±0.05mm

Send out:0.05g/s-100g/s

Finish size:




Jalostustyyppi: vaahtokoneet
Kunto: Uusi
Product Type: foam machine
Alkuperämaa: Kiina (Manner)
Tuotenimi: EMM
Jännite: 3 * 380V / 50HZ
Power(W): 18000
Weight: 3000KG
Certification: ISO 9001
Huoltopalvelut: Insinöörit, jotka ovat huoltokoneiden käytössä ulkomailla
Name: EMM series electric pannel pu foam gasketing machine
Process: foamed in place gasket
Control mode: CNC control with PLC
Application: cabinet panel/lighting/automobile parts
Function: waterproof/dustproof/shock ab