polyuretaanipohja, joka muodostaa automaattisen koneen

joka muodostaa automaattisen koneen


Jalostustyyppi: vaahtokoneet
Kunto: Uusi
Tuotetyyppi: vaahtokone, polyuretaanilaitteet
Alkuperämaa: Kiina (Manner)
Tuotenimi: EMM
Jännite: 3 * 380V / 50HZ
Teho (W): 1800
Mitat (L * W * H): 1800 * 1600 * 2200
Weight: 1300KG
Sertifiointi: ISO9001-2000, ISO9001-2000
Huoltopalvelut: Insinöörit, jotka ovat huoltokoneiden käytössä ulkomailla
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tekniset tiedot

*polyurethane sole /forming machine
* helppo huolto
* yksinkertainen käyttö
* helppo liikkua

polyurethane sole /forming machine

1. The mixing head uses high-speed compound mixing mechanism, it can reduce waste material by at least 50% and work Constantly .The pouring valve, a patent product, never weares or causes lock-up, without the common problem of outlet time difference .Outside the mixing head , there is a cooling installation

2. Material conveyer uses precise metering pump and electric pause counter, with a tolerance of less than three thousandths

3. The-stainless steel barrel,with a capacity of 120L, a double-layered insulating mechanism, uses an independent thermostated container to supply heat ,keeping the heat from charging.

4. Using PLC computer-controlled box ,stable and without disturbance , which can store 800 kinds of norm of products ,amount calculated by gram , pouring by a single button, auto -watching, covenient and accurate ,Ele-ctric elements are imported. Temperature and pressure can be watched and surveyed timely